Unit Testing

The unit testing tab allows to run unit testing.


Generate test File

This create a new solidity file in the current folder suffixed with _test. This file contains the minimun you need for running unit testing.

Run Tests

This execute tests. The execution is run in a separate environment and the result is displayed below.

| Available functions | Supported types |

| ————- | ————- |

| Assert.ok() | bool |

| Assert.equal() | uint, int, bool, address, bytes32, string |

| Assert.notEqual() | uint, int, bool, address, bytes32, string |

| Assert.greaterThan() | uint, int |

| Assert.lesserThan() | uint, int |

see https://github.com/ethereum/remix/blob/master/remix-tests/tests/examples_4/SafeMath_test.sol for some code sample

Continuous integration

remix-tests is also a CLI, it can be used in a continuous integration environement which support node.js. Please find more information in the remix-test repository

See also: example Su Squares contract and Travis build that uses remix-tests for continuous integration testing.