Deployed contractsΒΆ

This section in the Run tab contains a list of deployed contracts to interact with through autogenerated UI of the deployed contract (also called udapp).

Several cases apply:

  • The called function is declared as constant or pure in Solidity. The action has a blue background, clicking it does not create a new transaction. Clicking it is not necessary because there are not state changes - but it will update the return value of the function.
  • The called function has no special keywords. The action has a light red background, clicking on does create a new transaction. But this transaction cannot accept any amount of Ether.
  • The called function is declared as payable in Solidity. The action has a red background, clicking it does create a new transaction and this transaction can accept value.

For more information see more about Solidity modifier .

If a function requires input parameters, it is required to specify them.