Access your local filesystem by using remixdΒΆ

remixd is an npm module. Its purpose is to give the remix web application access to a folder from your local computer.

The code of remixd can be checked out here .

remixd can be globally installed using the following command: npm install -g remixd.

Then remixd -s <absolute-path-to-the-shared-folder> --remix-ide <your-remix-ide-URL-instance> will start remixd and share the given folder.

For example, to sync your local folder to the official Remix IDE, remixd -s <absolute-path-to-the-shared-folder> --remix-ide

The folder is shared using a websocket connection between Remix IDE and remixd.

Be sure the user executing remixd has read/write permission on the folder.

There is an option to run remixd in read-only mode, use --read-only flag.


remixd provides full read and write access to the given folder for any application that can access the TCP port 65520 on your local host.

From Remix IDE, you will need to activate the connection.

Click on the localhost connection icon:


A modal dialog will ask confirmation


Accepting this dialog will start a session. Once the connection is made, the status will update and the connection icon should shows up in green.

Hovering the icon will give more connection status information.

At this point if the connection is successful, the shared folder will be available in the file explorer.