File Explorer

The file explorer lists by default all the files stored in your browser. You can see them in the browser folder. You can always rename, remove or add new files to the file explorer.


Note that clearing the browser storage will permanently delete all the solidity files you wrote. To avoid this, you can use Remixd, which enables you to store and sync files in the browser with your local computer (for more information see ../tutorial_remixd_filesystem)


We will start by reviewing at the icons at the top left - from left to the right:

Create new File

Creates a new untitled.sol file in Remix.

Add Local File

Allows you to select files from the local file system and import them to the Remix browser storage.

Publish to Gist

Publishes all files from the browser folder to a gist. Gist API has changed in 2018 and it unfortunately requires users to be authenticated to be able to publish a gist.

Click this link to Github tokens setup and select Generate new token. Then check only Create gists checkbox and generate a new token.

Then paste it in Remix (right panel/Settings tab) and click Save. Now you should be able to use the feature.

Copy to another Remix instance

Enables you to copy files from the browser storage to another instance (URL) of Remix.

Connect your filesystem to Remix

Allows to sync between Remix and your local file system (see more about RemixD).